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Online Education 

As we all know In very early January we have heard of some contagious virus called "Covid 19" Corona Cirus was spread in China. Initially, it was only in China later on day by day it spread in various countries. In very few days it also spread to India also. The government has taken various steps to prevent it just like, Janata Curfew, Mandatory to wear a mask and use of Sanitiser, maintain social distancing, and all kinds of precautions were advised to take. 

Though even after lots of efforts this Virus is not controlled so the Government decided to do Lockdown. In many different phases, this lockdown had started and schools, colleges, temples, tourist places, Malls, Markets were closed.

Due to lockdown Students may no come to Shool but we can reach them online. And so that we decided to give online education to them as since its 6-7 months schools are closed, we do not want to stop their education due to this pandemic. 

During this online education, our Trustee Mr. Hareshbhai Trivedi And Mr. Malav Trivedi sir took every precautionary step to prevent infection of this Covid 19 to the teachers and staff of the school. Cause only after this we can deliver the unstoppable Online education. 

Students also excitedly learning online with our teachers and doing the same schedule as of school. 

Here check out the online education glimpses. 

bright school valad Std 1st craft work 2
bright school valad Std 1st craft work 3
Bright school valad online education cra
Bright school valad online education cra
vasu international school online educati
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